A two-part speculative design project that invites to reflect on collaborative proposals and unpaid work in the creative industry.



Creative Direction
Graphic Design


Marcia Lennona


Isaac Calpe

2027. For the past years, the excess of collaboration proposals and unpaid work in creative industry have increased due to the positioning and visibility immediacy among creatives.

As a consequence, the appearance of Instagram's digital wallet (Instagram Wallet) allows its users to manage their collaborations
where the payment method is exchanged into exposure.


The Brand Identity

The project sets a dystopian scenario in 2027 and invites to reflexionate about collaboration proposals created by brands or individuals.

New creators that search for its place in the creative field, gets complicated every time these projects interfere in their creative path, where most of them are accepted due to the lack of experience of its creator, to achieve contacts or for the constant search for positioning, ceasing to be aware that unpaid work devalues the individual and create a negative impact on the creative industry and a false representation of the price of art, design and creativity.

From a critical approach, the project not only seeks the reflection of those who propose these projects, but also of those who accept them for the immediacy of getting followers, likes or even possible paid work that may appear in the future.

The project arises as a personal project after having been part of these proposals and understanding that, as a creative, it is a duty to prevent this industry from continuing to feed on the devaluation of the creative and the existing precariousness that is aggravated in the creative jobs.

#InstagramWallet would devalue creativity and therefore would be "on sale". The anti-campaign of this fictitious app,
#CreativityOnSale, is a series of typographical posters that shows the another face of collaborations and a serie of still lifes
based in some creative jobs in the future such as design, makeup or photography accompanied by a labelling inspired
by "fast-fashion" market hangtag design. A representation of work under pressure, the devaluation of creativity and the chaos it generates for creatives.

The project not only acts against this current situation and Instagram Wallet, it also seeks to raise questions and debate.
If the workforce of many of the current professions will be replaced by machines in the future, why do we devalue creativity
if it will be the only irreplaceable profession?