An invitation to culture, history and lifestyle
around wine.


Vinology          Madrid


Branding (w/ Mindlike Studio)
Website Design


Anna Franques

Vinology is the new wine temple founded by sommerlier Pilar Oltra located in the heart of Madrid.

A space where wine and lifestyle meet followed by a unique experience that will get curious and wine lovers inside the most finest selection of wines from around the world accompanied by an exquisite gastronomic menu.


Vogue Spain
Condé Nast Traveller

In collaboration with Mindlike Studio, the brand identity was in search of excellence without being too exclusive, inspired by a distinguished but warm logotype where some of the characters elegantly come together followed by a pure and earthy colour universe, embracing nature and ground where the mixture of vintage and contemporaneity define Vinology’s branding.

The project is in search of giving positioning to wine history and culture to recover its anchorage, craftsmanship and value making it closer and accessible. A distintive space that invite all those that want to experience the ode that Vinology makes to its main character: the wine.