Coffee as a dance. A symbol of unity, technique and balance.

CLIENT        ---   LOCATION

Café Nuances       Paris


Creative Direction


Pol Montserrat

The brand-new Parisian coffee roaster Café Nuances reinvents premium coffee and educate its community about origins and virtues of their coffees, making a warm welcome to anyone who has craft, quality and the joy of simple pleasures in mind. With coffee producers all around the world, they are totally dedicated to transparent, ethical coffee, respecting the environment and the principles of fair trade.


Vogue France
Milk Decoration
Condé Nast Traveller

With interiors set in a 1920s Art Déco building, we knew that we needed to find contrast, so we came up with a warm and refined branding where balance, contemporaneity and simplicity became some of the concepts that defined the graphic identity.

Café Nuances also offers five nuances of coffee, where each specialty is selected with utmost care and the fewest possible intermediaries with environmentally friendly methods. With a concern for sustanability and traceability, packaging is also made from eco-responsible and recyclable materials.

“From the initial approach to the actual tasting, everything has been conceived with an eye to detail so that purchasing coffee becomes a multi-sensorial pleasure.”