Paula Rodríguez is a graphic designer and creative director based in Barcelona working worldwide. Graduated in Graphic Design and Visual Communication, Paula has worked with Barcelona-based creative directors as Ingrid Picanyol and Enric Jardí before running her studio.

Her project as a studio is born as a small format and we love working with people who take care about brand cohesion and give value to each step while building their brands or projects. From the studio and the help of our collaborators, we seek to help strengthen them through a wide range of creative and graphic approaches under a close, demanding and quality service.

Our vision goes far beyond the aesthetic and functional, exploring design under distintive and enduring visual narratives developed with an eye on detail, sophisticated but bold imaginaries and rigorous processes. We care to be precisely involved in all challenging projects that aim to be innovative, conscious and curious in their ideas, finding balance with the conceptual and strategic point of view and, as a base point, without missing the essence of each one of them.


    Paula Rodríguez Studio's identity for Café Nuances
    opts for an uncomplicated approach to luxury.
    The Brand Identity

    Paula Rodríguez’s speculative project is a reflection of
    undervalued and unpaid creative work.
    The Brand Identity

    NO internships available.


Creative Direction
Visual Identity
Digital Content
Editorial Design
Packaging Design
Video Editing
Website Design

Selected Clients:

Ajuntament de Cornellà de Llobregat
Claudia Mauriño
La Veste
Café Nuances
María de la Orden